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Textile Designs

We aim to make designs as adaptable as possible for every surface of the product. We turn hand-created artworks into print-ready seamless patterns for the textile surfaces.

Mats & Mattings

We create original art works for Stencil print, Flock print, Sublimation print, Rubber injection molded, Natural fiber inlaid, Jute print, Screenprint, and Machine tufted carpet designs.

Logo & Brand Identity

The Brand: The perceived emotional corporate image as a whole. The Identity: The visual aspects that form part of the overall brand. The Logo: A logo identifies a business via the use of a mark or icon.

About us

We design, build brands & digital projects.

We create Artwork, starting with watercolors, Pencil sketches, or anything handmade and then, turning it into digital for your dreaming design project. 

Our services

We create your dream...

We can modify your design so that it fits within technical repeat measurements, flatten and separated in colors for screen printing, or help you get your design ready to be printed digitally or sublimated for the fashion print industry.

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We work with passion

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Simplicity is the key

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Real solutions

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Designed for perfection

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Clients come first

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Pricing Plans

Choose one of our tariff plans.

Standard package

Box best practices you work
$ 34 Monthly
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Premium package

Digital literacy if you could
$ 99 Monthly
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